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our shoes are better.

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welcome to imeldas, a footwear rating community moderated by mylaar and ohmeohmy.

  • to become a voting member of the community, join up and post photos of your shoes. (photos of a few pairs will suffice, unless you really feel like bragging. despite our patron saint imelda, this is about quality, not quantity.) please post your photos within a day or two of joining.
  • the current approved membership will vote on your submission. if we like what we see, you will get an approval stamp.
  • one you are approved, you can and should vote on subsequent applications. you should also feel free to post about good shoes in general -- i.e. your latest acquisitions or a delicious pair you have found on the internet.
  • if you are not approved, please go away. but if you are nice you can try again in a little while. (if you are mean we will ban you! and you should stop being mean because it will make you age prematurely.)
  • if you are interested but don't want to participate, you can add the community as a friend and watch without joining.
  • don't post, or comment on other posts, until you are an approved member.
  • only approved members may post shoes they are selling (on ebay, etc.).

more on application posts:
  • actual photos are preferred over links to photos. however, if your post is full of pictures you should use a cut tag.
  • in your application, please only submit photos of shoes you actually own. (after you are a member you are encouraged to post photos of the shoe-objects of your lust and affection.)

current approved members: _____crimes, ___cutex, _statusquo, angrybutter, anita_no_ballet, billy_jean, bird, bittermonkey, lacebound, brioche1, busride, captaingoodass, caramel_83, commoncold, dammar, desormais, emmalemon, endehorsdumur, estro, eva_c, ezmeraldaa, fashmagslag, felttree, florance_veil, franklyvulgar, free_food, galexiegirl, gamygamine, go_team_me, ilovecupcakes, ishotversace, israelite, j_gro, jordanbaker, kore, labrujah, lafilleperdue, lampshadeskirt, limbsoup, linguine, lyzabeeth, milkbox, micha_23, missladyjane, mylaar, neon_daylight, nexa, nubbytwiglet, ohmeohmy, oola, pinkfoils, pinkplasticgun, plastiquegal, poisonlipgloss, prila, retrofit, revelatrice, sinderin, skinny_parrot, netofjewels, smath, spjork, staunch, stille_post, str4wberrylover, stripling, sugarboots, swissarmyknife, tastelikechiken, teeko, tha_ghettochild, the_air_hostess, velvetboudoir, verloren, wayward_girl, yum_sandwiches